How Can an Immigration Lawyer Help a U.S. Citizen Petition for Citizenship for a Spouse?

Most people know that a U.S. citizen married to an immigrant can petition for their spouse’s citizenship.

There are, however, certain misunderstandings concerning marriage and immigration. Many people assume that marrying a U.S. citizen automatically grants immigrant citizenship, but that’s not the case. The process involves several variables that must be handled carefully and thoroughly. Since this matter can be delicate and weighty, having the assistance of an immigration attorney who practices family law is vital.

In this article, we will discuss three factors involved in a U.S. citizen’s petition for their spouse:

  • How an immigration lawyer can help a U.S. citizen petition for their spouse
  • Specific advantages of having an immigration attorney represent you in the process
  • How long your spouse’s immigration process could take

How an Immigration Lawyer can Help a U.S. Citizen Petition for a Spouse

An immigration lawyer can provide legal guidance and support throughout petitioning for a spouse’s citizenship. Your attorney will be available to respond to any questions or concerns that you may have along the way.

They will help you gather the required documentation for a spouse’s citizenship petition, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, and proof of U.S. citizenship. Once these documents are obtained, the immigration lawyer will guide you in completing and filing the necessary paperwork for the spouse’s citizenship petition. This documentation includes the I-130 form and the G-325A form.

Specific Advantages of Having an Immigration Lawyer Represent You

When petitioning for a spouse’s citizenship, there are several benefits to consulting an immigration lawyer, including:

  • Greater certainty that all requirements will be met
  • Reduced chance of having a petition rejected
  • Peace of mind knowing that you are working with an experienced professional who understands the complexities of U.S. immigration law

How Long Could the Process Take?

Your circumstances will determine the timing of the procedure, from filling out immigration papers to completing an immigrant visa application to obtaining a Green Card.

The following are estimates for a situation with no complicating factors:

  • The processing period for a U.S. Citizen Spouse Green Card is approximately 12-18 months.
  • The processing time for a spouse’s Green Card is about 24-36 months.

Please be advised that these are general estimations, and actual time frames may vary.

Tourzani Law Group, LLC Can Help

An immigration lawyer can provide significant assistance when petitioning for a spouse’s U.S. citizenship. By helping you gather the required documentation and filing all necessary paperwork, an immigration lawyer will help to ensure a smooth process.

Each case is unique, and the process with USCIS can take time. Contact our immigration attorneys at Tourzani Law Group, LLC  as soon as possible to get started. We have assisted several families and couples in obtaining visas and permanent residency, and we are dedicated to helping families stay together. Call Tourzani Law Group, LLC at (201) 987-0036 today to schedule a consultation.

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