What Should You Do if You Are Issued a Notice of Intent to Deny?

A Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) is a letter from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to an applicant or petitioner explaining why they intend to deny the application or petition. The NOID will allow the applicant to present more evidence or explanations to save their application or petition in most situations.

It is critical to act quickly if you get a Notice of Intent to Deny from USCIS. To file a rebuttal and have any hope of protecting your application or petition, you will need the help of an immigration lawyer.

The Purpose of a NOID

The primary aim of giving a NOID is to allow applicants and petitioners to provide further evidence that may uphold their original application or petition. In certain situations, all that is required for USCIS to accept the application or petition is a brief explanation of circumstances. Your application or petition may be refused outright if you do not reply correctly to a NOID.

Why Would the USCIS Send a NOID?

The USCIS may send you a NOID for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common explanations are:

  • Fraud or Misrepresentation. The USCIS may issue a NOID to an applicant if they suspect they lied or misrepresented themselves on their application. The candidate may then demonstrate that they have not misrepresented themselves in any way.
  • Incomplete or Erroneous Information. The USCIS may issue a NOID if they consider an applicant has given incomplete or incorrect information on their application. The applicant will then have an opportunity to verify that the information they submitted is correct.
  • Possible Legal Violations. If the USCIS suspects that an applicant has broken the law in the United States, they may issue them a notice of intent to reject, giving them the chance to show that they have not violated any laws.

What Is the Time Limit for Responding to a NOID?

The USCIS deadline usually is 30 days. The best course of action is to present the NOID to your immigration lawyer as soon as possible.

How Can an Immigration Attorney Help?

If you are issued a Notice of Intent to Deny from USCIS, you should contact an immigration attorney as soon as possible. An immigration lawyer can help you find out why the USCIS issued you a NOID and assist you in gathering evidence to support your application. They can also help you prepare for any interviews or hearings as part of your case.

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