What is Humanitarian Parole, and How Can an Immigration Lawyer Help?

A grant of humanitarian parole permits a person who is unable to get a visa to petition the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to enter the United States for essential humanitarian reasons or if their admission will result in a significant public advantage. For parole to be granted, the person must have a valid reason.

The application procedure for humanitarian parole can be lengthy and complex. Working with an immigration attorney through every stage of the application process is critical.

What are the Requirements for Humanitarian Parole?

If you are inadmissible, that is, some reasons or issues render you ineligible for a visa to enter the U. S., humanitarian parole may be your only alternative.

USCIS may grant humanitarian parole for various reasons, and applications are considered based on individual circumstances. Some reasons you could consider applying for humanitarian parole include:

  • You have a very sick relative in the United States that you would like to visit
  • A U.S. relative has died, and you want to attend the funeral
  • You are very ill, and proper medical care is available to you in the United States
  • You are testifying in a trial that will be held in the United States

Humanitarian parole does not provide you with permanent residence benefits. If humanitarian parole is granted, you’ll be able to stay in the United States for as long as you need to satisfy your humanitarian need or deal with your emergency. If you need to work in the United States during your stay, you can apply for a temporary work permit.

Foreign nationals may use humanitarian parole to enter the United States as a last resort. If you do not have concerns with admissibility, you should find out if you qualify for a temporary visitor visa to come to the United States.

How Long Does Humanitarian Parole Take to Get Approved?

The time it takes for USCIS to accept a request for humanitarian parole can vary depending on the case. However, many applicants may expect a decision within 3-4 months of submitting their application.

How Can an Immigration Lawyer Assist with a Humanitarian Parole Application?

It is critical to obtain legal advice from an immigration lawyer if you consider applying for humanitarian parole. An immigration attorney can assist you in understanding the requirements to qualify and gather and submit all essential documentation. They’ll also indicate whether or not you’re likely to be granted humanitarian parole and what other choices you have. In addition, if your request is refused, an immigration attorney can represent you before USCIS and advocate on your behalf.

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